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Silicon Valley Community Foundation is a comprehensive center for philanthropy with visionary leadership, strategic grantmaking and world-class expertise.  SVCF believes the region’s continued prosperity and quality of life depends on our ability to create communities that recognize immigrants as assets and provide opportunities for all.


We play an exciting role in addressing the social, economic, and environmental challenges of our communities. SVCF provides leadership, expertise and capital to help address social issues in our region. We also serve as a resource for nonprofit, civic, government and philanthropic organizations. There are four primary ways in which we contribute:


  • Commission research: We commission research to identify emerging issues, monitor trends and provide analysis.
  • Conduct public discussions: We bring people together to engage in discussion and problem solving. These events often stimulate new insights while encouraging diverse perspectives.
  • Advocate: We take principled positions on critical issues and advocate policy outcomes.
  • Create initiatives: We often launch initiatives and special projects, partnering with other foundations, corporations, nonprofits, donors and government agencies to work on specific topics or issues.


Learn more by visiting: www.siliconvalleycf.org


SVCF’s Immigration Strategy:

Silicon Valley Community Foundation advances innovative philanthropic solutions to our region’s most challenging problems. Two of these challenging problems – the successful integration of immigrants and the inability of receiving communities to understand and recognize immigrants as real and potential assets in the community rather than as liabilities – are addressed through our immigrant integration strategy.


The immigrant integration strategy has a two-pronged approach:

  • strengthening the legal services infrastructure, which seeks to address the need for affordable and reliable immigration legal services provided by nonprofit community organizations; and
  • adult English language acquisition, which seeks to promote English instruction, coordination and best practices among community colleges, adult education schools and community-based organizations.


To better understand our goals and objectives for this strategy, we encourage you to read SVCF’s research paper on this topic.